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PCT System

Patent cooperation Treaty

The PCT route essentially provides an option to obtain patents in over 120 countries. It defers the cost, but does not avoid it altogether. It is very helpful in the early stages when precise country coverage is not known before the end of 12 months from the initial filing (for example potential licensees, or unexpected sales can affect the choice of countries in which patents are desired). Under the PCT, the international patent system is a procedure by which a single patent application may be filed in country member of the Paris Convention to obtain initial patent protection in a large number of signatory countries, the most important of which are the USA, Japan and the members of the European Patent Convention (EPC) which covers at the present time 27 European countries, as previously mentioned. The main reason for filing an international application is to start the process of protecting an invention in a large number of countries by means of a single application procedure. An international patent application, also commonly named a PCT application, is generally filed within a year of filing a national application in a country member of the Paris convention. As with the European route, the PCT application should claim the date of priority of the national application. If no priority is claimed, the PCT application as well as a European or other national applications should be filed before the invention is publicly disclosed. Despite an important upfront fee, the PCT route is particularly suitable for speculative inventions, since it enables to procrastinate the national or regional phase, therefore the translations cost and the corresponding national fees. The PCT application remains in force for a limited period of time. After 30/31 months, it is necessary to continue protection by filing national or regional applications covering the countries of interest.

Forms and Fees