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As Cambodia is hosting the French Bar Association Conference “Campus Asie 2014” in Phnom Penh on 16-18 February 2014, and a couple of days later the 43rd AWGIP for IP officials of the ASEAN national IP offices, in Siem Reap, Camboida, on 24-28 February 2014, it will be a unique occasion to bridge “Campus Asie 2014” and the 43th meeting of “AWGIPC” with a meeting open to IP practitioners on 23 February 2014. 

Summary - program - 23 february 2014 - Siem Reap, cambodia 

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This meeting will initiate the discussion and debates between IP practitioners and IP officials of the ASEAN, US, EU, Japan and Korea. The success of building the IP community in the ASEAN requires the involvement of all stakeholders such IP officials, IP practioners, Companies and of course the consumers. In addition to the involving all stakholders in the ASEAN integration process, a relevant communication campaign is needed to raise of the awereness of the IP issues to the business communities and people of ASEAN so that we all be ready to Rendez-vous of the ASEAN common market of 2015.The topics of the meeting will be as follows:

o  Comparison between the ASEAN market of 600 millions inhabitants and EU market of 450 millions inhabitants – their Intellectual Property systems :
Presentations will be given by representatives or IP practitioners of the European Patent Office (EPO based in Munich, Germany), the Office of Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM based in Alicante, Spain) and different national IP offices on
- their national and regional IP systems,
- the future Unitary Patent Court (UPC with the central division based in Paris, France, London, UK and Munich, Germamy), and
- the EU and US influence, contribution and experience on shaping the future Asean IP system

o  IP protection system (patent, trademark, design, copyright) in Cambodia

o  Geographical indications in Cambodia – New legislation

o  Enforcement of IP rights in Cambodia (Trademark and Copyright Case Law in Cambodia)

o  IP protection in other Asean countries (Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia).

o  Enforcement of IP rights in other Asean Countries (Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia)

o The participation of Representatives of the European Union, OHIM and ECAP III is confirmed. A presentation will be made on the European community trademark system and the EU enforcement of European Trademark and Design rights.

o With the participation of a USPTO representative who will be giving a presentation on the American Invention Act (AIA) and the enforcement of IP rights in Southeast Asia from the US perspective.

Saturday 22 February 2014
8h30/18h30 Visit of Angkor Wat, Bayon, Angkor Thom, Elephant Terrace,
18h30/20h30 Welcome Participants - Registration

Sunday 23 February 2014
7h045/8h00 - Registration
Opening of AngkorPAT - IPR 2014
Official representative of the Cambodian Bar Association (to be confirmed)
Representative/official of a Cambodian Ministry (to be confirmed)  

IP system in Europe : Unitary Patent System and Unitary Patent Court - Central Division in Paris, France, London, UK, Munich, Germany
Mr. Nam NGO THIEN Regional Advisor on IP for South East Asia - Service Economique Regional - INPI Singapore


IP system in Japan 
IP system in Korea
New Update
Mr. Yasuo OHKUMA, Director, IP Dept for South East Asia, Attaché of Japan Patent Office, Japan External Trade Organization  
KR attorney name (to be confirmed)  
10h30-11h00 Break

IP system in the US : The American Invention Act (AIA) and the Enforcement of IPR in SEA from the US perspective   
IP system in India
Mr. Peter FOWLER Regional IP Attaché for Southeast Asia - USPTO/Foreign Commercial Service US Embassy in Bangkok
​   Mr. Vineet ROHILLA  IP attorney Remfry & Sagar New Delhi, India  
​Lunch with Presentation on
IP system in Singapore
IP system in Myanmar
   AXIS-ICS attorney name to be confirmed   

​OHIM & ECAP III: Cooperation with ASEAN - Community Design law  
Mr. Ernesto RUBIO  International Cooperation and Legal Affairs - OHIM Alicante, Spain to be confirmed
Mr. Ignacio de MEDRANO CABALLERO, Project Leader ECAP - EU Commission / OHIM Bangkok, Thailand to be confirmed

WIPO cooperation with the ASEAN IP system - Example of cooperation with Cambodia on Trademark
 Mr. Ye Min THAN Senior Program Officer - Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific- World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO Geneva,   
​Mr. Var ROTHSAN Director of Department of Intellectual Property of Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia
IP system in Indonesia
IP system in Cambodia
Mr. Vibol NGETH Director of Department of Intellectual Property - Ministry of Industry of Cambodia   
Mr.Sokheng SIM, Deputy Director of Department of Intellectual Property – Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia  
​Indonesia attorney name to be confirmed  
IP system in Vietnam

IP system in Malaysia

 IP attorney name from VN and Malaysia (to be confirmed) 
Reception - End of Conference